RAF Cardington Camp

Requests For Information

If you are looking for information of a relative who served at RAF Cardington please feel free to send in any details you may have and I will post your request here.

Margret Coppinger has made contact as she is trying to find out more about her father's time in the RAF during WWII. Below is the information she has about him - can you help Margaret?

" My father Alfred Creamer Howell was born 5th Feburary 1913. R.A.F service No: 846803 Aircraft Hand G.D He joined the RAF in 1938 and was released 29 Nov 1945. I have a copy of what I think is his service record but it is very difficult to read as I do not understand the abbreviations.

Alfred Creamer Howell 1938-1945 top right

Dad's career starts in 1938 with 910 (BB) Squadron 910 Sqdn Chigwell.
1939 he moves to 949 Sqdn I B T U (A) then Dad moves around a lot.
1940 917 Sqdn, 6 B C (a) 917 Sqdn.
1941 916 Sqdn back to 917 then Packwood Haigh?. 917 Sqdn, 981 B B,
1942, M.E ( Middle East) 2 L P-Y-C ?? 981 Sqdn.
1943 A B Betch N W A B B Detch
1944 H E 961 Sqdn, 949Sqdn (a), 961 Sqdn, 949 Sqdn, Cardington (A), 23rd August 1944 949 Sqdn, A M.U London.
101. P P C Kirkham Release C/A 12/9/1945.

I would love to know more about my dad's involvement in the 2nd WW and the places he went to. I have included a photo of my dad he is top row right (the one with the sun tan). I don't know where the photo was taken or the names of the other servicemen, my dad wouldn't talk about the war so we don't have much to go by."

Please make contact if you know anything about the Squadrons Alfred served in or if you recognise anyone in this photo. Many thanks.

Alfred Creamer Howell (back row right)

Stephen Alfred Humphries - Cardington 1942

Stephen Alfred Humphries 1942 (2)

Lisa Harding is looking for information about her grandfather Stephen Alfred Humphries who was at Cardington in Sept 1942. She doesn't even have a photograph of him and sadly he died on active service a little over a year later. (See above)

Lisa writes "
My great grandfather was at Cardington on 18th September 1942 when he enlisted in the RAF. I know that he went on to 11RC Skegness and later was stationed at RAF Bourn in Cambridgeshire where he was an AC2 in Bomber Command. I am desperately trying to find any further records for him, in particular any photographs that may exist as I have never seen a photo of him I have his medals from both WW1 when he was in the Royal Field Artillery and War Medal from WW2 and would love to find the final piece of the jigsaw. I wonder if you can help in any way?

I know he was at Cardington from his RAF records which I have in full from RAF Disclosures at Cranwell. They were very helpful, and I know that after he enlisted at Cardington he went on to Skegness where he did his square bashing before being sent to RAF Bourn in Cambridgeshire. He managed to do 1 year and 13 days in the RAF before he died on active service from kidney cancer. He never even got to claim any of his medals from either war. Sadly it seems that because RAF Bourn was a satellite for Oakington and therefore not very large, nothing much remains in terms of records. Also, because he was a 'lowly' Aircraftman 2nd Class, he wouldn't have been in any air crew photos (well none that I can see anyway).
Amazingly he was also a Driver and then Bombardier in the first world war with the Royal Field Artillery but sadly his records did not survive the bomb in Covent Garden so I can’t even find out what brigade he was in. I might be able to identify him if the time is right and if there is a family resemblance. Once thing I do know is that my family have this wierd thing of all looking alike!"

If you can help Lisa find information about her grandfather please get in touch via this website. (June 2015)

Arthur William Watson at Cardington 1953

Alan Watson is trying to find out more information about his father Arthur William Watson who was at RAF Cardington in 1953. He has sent in this e-mail:

"According to my dad’s service record he arrived at Cardington on 19-3-53, so he would have been 17 years old, his 18th birthday 5 weeks later. My dad came from Hastings and my mum from Crawley. I am finding it very difficult to find the connection when they met, some of my older family members can’t remember! So frustrating. I appreciate your help, I'm very grateful, and if you have any snippets of information that would be great.
My dad eventually ended up in the MT section (317 MU) AND 431 units at Bruggen. His records indicate he worked with 919 SU from the 13-1-55. I don’t believe he kept in touch with anyone. He was a keen footballer and I think he played for one of the many teams around then. I think I may have found a group photo (after years of looking) taken at RAF Bridgnorth, this photo being sent in by Larry King. This is the only person I have found so far that may have a link to knowing my dad.
Please contact this website if you can help Alan. (Aug 2015)

David Cobb at Cardington in the late 1950's.

Looking for any information about David Cobb - it is believed he worked at Cardington in the late 1950's and greeted the new recruits arriving at Bedford station destined for the camp. It is known that there was a small hut by the station specifically for staff from RAF Cardington so it is possible quite a few civillians also knew David if he was based there.
If you know of this man please get in touch via this website. (Sept 2015)