RAF Cardington Camp

RAF Cardington 1936-2000

Final Bedford map

Above: RAF Cardington nr Bedford in Bedfordshire.

Empire Air Day 23 May 1939 inside shed1

Aircraft Storage in 1932

test badge cropped

Emblem of MU217 RAF Cardington

Group cricket

A 1943 RAF Cardington cricket team. Sport of any kind was high on the agenda for staff in their spare time.

Absolute final sheds Jan 2016

The two magnificent Sheds in Jan 2016. Home to airships from 1916-1930 and put to numerous uses during the following years.

Arthur RAF sign

Renamed MU217 RAF Cardington in 1955 - the Gas Plant supplied RAF depots throughout the world.

HQ Arthur 1986

The Shorts Building in 1986

RAF Cardington1

A sign of the times - a road sign which will probably be taken down soon.